Outlook Customer Support Number

Outlook is one of the most used forums according to the dimension of mail, and many times, you would be wondering why there are sending and receiving errors while you are using this platform. Every time that happens you might be in need of assistance and that might annoy you to a great extent but not anymore. Now you do not need to have anyone by your side since today; we will be talking about some of the most common errors of the Outlook Express, the cause of the same and the things that you can do to resolve the issues. So sit tight and read along!

Outlook Support Number

Errors and their solutions

• Sending Error

‘The operation failed’ or ‘An object could not be found.’  The cause of this error can be three reasons. Your outlook profile might be corrupt; your automatic SMTP settings are not picked up correctly. Another reason of this could be that one of the PST data file was moved while using Outlook. If the file is corrupt, then you have to create a new Outlook Profile and add all your email accounts to it. Once done with it then retry sending. If the settings are not picked up, then try removing your mail account and adding it once again since this might solve your problem. If the problem is because of the third reason, then you have to create a new profile and re- add the data files to the same.

• Outlook data file cannot be accessed

In this case, there can be three plausible reasons- emails being saved at the wrong location, incorrect profile configuration and not enough permissions. If it is the first cause, then you can try changing the folders where the emails are being delivered. If it is the second cause, then try adding existing data after creating a new profile. And last but not the least, for the last reason; try upgrading the system while keeping the installation in place.

• Authentication issue

‘None of the authenticated methods supported by this client are supported by your server.’ In this case, the main cause is that the outgoing mail server settings are wrong. To solve this problem, all you have to do is to edit your account settings and mark the option, “log on to incoming server before sending an email.” Or else you could also use the ‘repair’ option on the account settings as well.

• Proxy Server issue

“Outlook is unable to connect to its proxy server”- There can be two basic roots to this problem- either the Windows root certificates are outdated, or you have been using a self- signed certificate. For the first cause, you have to open the windows update and look for the certificates list and after that mark them. Or else you could also remove the self-signed certificate to the trusted authorities list.

• Operation Timed Out

‘The operation timed out while waiting for a response from the receiving server.’ This can mean only one thing- either the connection is too slow, or you are sending or receiving emails of a really large attachment. Either fix the connection or retry, you will surely be able to solve the problem.