Best Techniques To Resolve AOL Blerk Error

AOL mail is a free web-supported email service provider by AOL. Now, AOL is a subsidiary version of Verizon Communication and offering excellent services to its worldwide customers.

But nowadays, users are encountering AOL blerk error while working on it. They usually complain about the error code and posted a question regarding how to get rid of this situation.

That is why we have listed some important and effective solutions to fix the issue on your own. But before that, you need to know some of the prime reasons behind this frustrating issue.

It can be caused by a few things, however, most of the users reported that if you are using an older version of the web browser, the might get this scenario. Additionally, a huge number of historical data or unclean caches might cause this situation.

After knowing the possible reasons, now, let’s talk about how to resolve the issue without wasting any further time.

Take a Look at the Effective Solutions to Fix AOL Blerk Error:

You might face the AOL blerk error in any browser whether you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Therefore, let’s check out how you troubleshoot this issue.

Here, in this, post, we have described all the possible solutions that you can apply in order to fix the issue. Simply apply the below-mentioned methods to access the AOL account without facing any problem.

You need to delete the cache and cookies of the browser to troubleshoot this issue. Here we have discussed the procedures to clean the caches and cookies on Google Chrome.

For Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome to open the AOL mail account, then go through the below steps to clear the cookies and caches.

Step 1

At first, launch the Google Chrome and then press three horizontal lines which are situated at the top-right corner of the system screen.

Step 2

After that, move to the Settings section and then expand the Advanced option. Now, choose Privacy & Security option which pops up on the drop-down menu of the Advanced section.

Step 3

Thereafter, click on the Content Settings option and press the Cookies option. Select the see all cookies and site data option. Now, select the Remove All option to delete the caches and cookies.

You can apply these steps in order to delete the caches and cookies on other browsers also.

Launch the Mozilla Firefox in Safe Mode

If you are a Mozilla Firefox users, then apply these methods mentioned in the section below.

Step 1

First of all, launch the Mozilla Firefox web browser and click on the three-line icon in the top right corner of the system screen.

Step 2

After that, select the Help option from the drop-down menu and click on it. Now, select the “Restart with Add-ons Disabled” option. You will receive a pop-up menu, click on Start in Safe Mode option.

Finally, the Mozilla Firefox will open in the Safe Mode and check whether the problem gets resolved.

Adjust the Internet Explorer Security Settings

Simply by turning on the Protection mode on your Internet Explorer web browsers helps to troubleshoot the issue effectively. Hence, follow the steps mentioned in the section below.

Step 1

Proceed by opening the Internet Explorer and then visit the Tools section. Now, choose the Internet Options and then click on the Security section.

Step 2

After that, hit on the Internet zone and then you will find a checkbox corresponding to Enable Protected Mode. Mark check on that box.

Step 3

Now, tap on Trusted sites zone and mark the check to the Enable Protected Mode to turn on this option. Once you have done with all the steps, restart the Internet Explorer and check whether you are getting the same error message again or not.

Final Note

AOL blerk error looks like a giant problem to all the AOL users, but this is really an easy-to-solve kind of error message. Simply go through all the solutions and figure out which solution is working for you in order to resolve the problem.

It is recommended that please make a back up of your precious data in order to prevent the error further.

Nevertheless, you can take an expert opinion on this matter. They will lead you towards the right path.

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