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How To Change Signature In Yahoo Mail – Get Expert Advice

Yahoo Mail is famous especially because of its longevity in this field. Though it may not be as popular nowadays because of better email service providers, it does not mean that Yahoo has lost all its users. However, if you are wondering how to change signature in Yahoo Mail, then you are at the correct place. By using the instructions of this article, you can be able to change signature in Yahoo Mail.

If you are a Yahoo Mail user and are not able to change the signature of your account, then you can follow the below steps to solve how to change signature in Yahoo Mail issue. But before that let us understand what the Signature is in an email account.

Signature In Yahoo Mail

A signature is a preset content which is included with every single message which you are sending from your email address. Things which are generally included in a signature are as follows.

  • Your name, phone number or any other contact information.
  • A link of your Website
  • Any quotations or any messages, which you want to share with your sending message viewers.

How To Change Signature In Yahoo Mail?

To start this process, check your internet connection. Use a good antivirus to keep your system safe.

Then, open Google Chrome or any of your preferred Browser and type in Yahoo Mail and then hit Enter. After that select the first option of your search result. And then on the left side, you will see a place where you need to provide your email address. Choose Next and then enter the password of your email address and press enter to log in. Skip this step if you are already signed in your Yahoo account.

Now, at the top right side, you will see a gear like an icon, select it and press on the Settings among the available options. Then choose Accounts from the right side panel of the Settings window.

Then, click on the Yahoo written box of Email accounts. Further, you will see the Signature box. In this box, you will see your present signature. Now you can alter your Yahoo Mail signature. Delete the present message by selecting the current message and then press Delete from your keyboard.

Now you can write your choice of Signature whatever you want to attach with your email. Then hit on the Save option. Now it is done. Hope you have thoroughly learned the process of how to change signature in Yahoo Mail.

Conclusion: Signature in Yahoo mail empowers your Yahoo account. It helps to customize easily, include IM and social profiles. Also, you can share your blog posts, quotes, news, bookmarks and more. In this article, you will get detailed information about the processes which help you to create a signature in Yahoo mail. Also, you can visit our website for further queries.


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