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Effective Ways To Delete Yahoo Account

Yahoo mail is preferred by people worldwide for its easy installation and advanced technology. You can face multiple issues while accessing, installing and opening your Account. Moreover, as a regular user, you can face critical errors which may compel you to delete Yahoo account immediately. If you are not flexible with it, you can follow this article to sort out the problem quickly.

Difficulties With Yahoo Account

There are multiple issues you can face at the time of accessing your Yahoo account. Moreover, an account blockage issue may also come forth. However, we have discussed the common yet significant difficulties that any user may encounter.

First, you may encounter a login issue if you put a wrong password into that specific field. It may happen very often if Caps Lock is enabled. By mistake, we type the ID or password full capitalization which creates an authentication problem to open the account. Moreover, you can see an error message, “Invalid ID/ Password. Please try again.”

Secondly, if you leave the passcode field blank, then the missing field will show the error like, “You have entered an incorrect password.”

Thirdly, accessing your Yahoo account from other devices which are not registered by Yahoo, creates a problem to sign in. Then, your device can show an error message, “First Time log-in?”. Without skipping the verification steps, you won’t be able to access it.

You can encounter another problem if you want to open your Yahoo after a log break. Then, an unexpected error gets displayed such as, “Your account has been blocked!”.

How To Delete Yahoo Account? Easy Fix

You have to open the Yahoo Account Delete page from the Yahoo official website. Here, you will receive the Account sign-in page. So, put a correct ID and password to along with the account verification code and stroke the “Enter” button to log in your account.

After that, click on the page named “Terminating your Yahoo Account.”  After the verification process on your Yahoo ID, you will get an account deletion warning with a passcode field. Here, you have to put the correct password again.

Now, scroll down and at the bottom section, you will find a visual code by requesting to type this CAPTCHA.

Finally, click on “Terminate this Account.” Then, press Enter to select the option, “Yes.” It will show the confirmation message, “Your Account has been deleted!” and delete Yahoo account without any problem.

Additional Information

Take Backup: Before deleting your Yahoo account, it is imperative to restore all the data. Otherwise, after removing the report, it is impossible to get back the essential documents, attachments as well. So, you can take a Backup of your data by using your second email account and delete the present Yahoo Account.

Export All Contacts: You may save your Contact details within your Yahoo mail account. Therefore, you can sync all the contacts or exports them as well.

Remove Third-Party Access: If your account is linked with the third-party Software, then you have to remove the account. Replace it with a secondary email account to avoid the inconvenience.

Still, you have confusion about how to delete yahoo mail account? Don’t hesitate to connect with us for a permanent fix.

Conclusion: Sometimes your account get hacked or you are no longer using your account, then you need to delete Yahoo account of yours. It is an easy process. But still, we are providing you with some easy steps to fix the issue. If you have any issue regarding the steps, then please visit our website emailsupportnumber.org.

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