Fix Outlook Error 0x8004060c with Instant Troubleshooting Hacks

Users encounter Outlook error 0x8004060c while trying to send emails from their Outlook account. When this error occurs, then Outlook won’t be able to receive the incoming emails.

This is an annoying error as users are neither able to send or receive their emails. If the same error is bothering you, then follow this article for the possible way outs. 

Solutions to Eliminate Outlook Error 0x8004060c:

Try out the following solutions and see which one can help you to get rid of this error on the go. 

Solution 1: Reset the Network Connection

Outlook requires an internet connection for sending or receiving your emails. Thus, you need to connect your device to a stable network that will be able to support Outlook. 

Also, Make sure that you have sufficient cellular data to operate your Outlook account. 

Similarly, if you are using WiFi, then connect your device to another wireless network. Otherwise, Outlook might fail to work if too many devices are trying to access the same network.

Then, reload your Outlook account and see whether you can send and receive emails correctly. If not, then move your way down to the next method. 

Solution 2: Use Another Browser

Outlook might be unable to send/receive emails due to a lack of supported browser. So, open Outlook in another browser and try to send/receive emails. 

If ‘Outlook send receive error 0x8004060c’ persists in the new browser, then the problem is not related to your browser. Hence, you will need to check out the other methods. 

Solution 3: Update the Browser

An older version of the browser can prevent Outlook from sending or receiving emails. Thus, update the browser in the following ways:

On Chrome

  1. Open Chrome browser and click the Menu icon at the top right corner of the screen. 
  2. Then, click ‘Help’ and select ‘About Google Chrome’ to let Chrome automatically search for an available update. 
  3. If Chrome finds an update, then it will display the ‘Update Google Chrome’ option. 
  4. Now, select the option to install the available update from Chrome. 
  5. You won’t find the option if you are already running an updated version of Chrome. 
  6. In that case, click the ‘Relaunch’ button to reopen Chrome to apply the update automatically.

On Firefox

  1. Launch the Firefox browser and click the three vertical lines located at the top-right corner of the window. 
  2. Go to ‘Help’ and select ‘About Firefox.’
  3. The ‘About Mozilla Firefox’ window opens and Firefox starts checking for any available updates. 
  4. If any updates are pending, then Firefox downloads and installs them automatically.
  5. After updating Firefox, open a new tab in Firefox and open your Outlook account. 
  6. Hope, Outlook will now send/receive emails without displaying an error. 

Solution 4: Disable Windows Firewall

We have witnessed the Windows Firewall as a conflicting factor for Microsoft Outlook. Thus, users often receive an error while sending or receiving emails. 

Hence, we would recommend you to turn off Windows Firewall temporarily and check the issue by the following steps:

  1.  Windows 10 users click the Start menu and tap the Cortana button on the taskbar. 
  2. Type ‘Windows Firewall’ into the Cortana search box and press ‘Enter’ to access Windows Defender Firewall window. 
  3. Click ‘Turn Windows Firewall on or off’ link and select ‘Turn off Windows Defender Firewall’ for both public and private network settings.  
  4. Click the ‘OK’ button at the end of the window to save the changes. 

Others can type Windows Firewall into the Windows search box and press the ‘Enter’ option to access Windows Firewall. 

Then, click the ‘Turn on Windows Firewall On or Off’ link on the left pane and select the ‘Disable’ option to turn off the Firewall. Now, open MS Outlook and retry to send the unsent emails. 

Also, check whether you have new emails in your inbox. Then, you will understand whether the problem is resolved or not. 

Method 5: Increase the Server Timeout Settings in Outlook

Outlook might fail to send or receive emails if you have set the Server Timeout Settings low. 

Thus, follow the given steps to configure the Server Timeout Settings and increase the timeout. 

  1. Open Outlook, navigate to the ‘File’ tab and click ‘Accounts Settings.’
  2. Click the ‘Advanced’ tab on the Email Accounts window and drag the Server Timeouts bar to the extreme right.
  3. Click the ‘OK’ button to save the timeout settings you have selected. 

Method 6: Run Outlook in Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a special Windows feature to launch Outlook without any add-ons. 

Thus, run Outlook in Safe Mode so that no add-ons can interrupt its working. 

Here’s we have explained how to enter the Safe Mode. 

  1. Press Windows key and ‘X” at the same time open the Menu and select the Run application. 
  2. Type ‘Outlook/safe’ into the Run’s text box and click ‘OK’ to enable the Safe Mode. 
  3. Click the ‘OK’ button on the ‘Choose Profiles’ window. 
  4. Now, Outlook will operate in Safe Mode and carry on its activities correctly. 
  5. Exit the Safe Mode if it doesn’t fix the MS Outlook error 0x8004060c. 

Method 7: Repair Outlook PST Files

Corrupted Outlook data PST file is another cause of Outlook error 0x8004060c. So, you can repair the corrupted PST files with the Inbox Repair tool of Outlook. 

  1. Click on the Cortana button from the Start menu and enter ‘scanpst.exe’ into its search box. 
  2. Select ‘scanpst.exe’ from the Cortana’s search result to open File Explorer.
  3. Then, go to the ‘File’ tab and select ‘Change folder and search options’ under it. 
  4. Click the ‘View’ tab and select the ‘Show hidden files, folder, and drives’ checkbox. 
  5. Click the ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ buttons one after another to apply the changes. 
  6. Now navigate to the ‘C: Program Files (x86)Microsoft Office 16’ path and double-click ‘sacnpst.exe’ to open it. 
  7. Click the ‘Start’ button to let the tool scans your PC and fix its corrupted Outlook files. 

Note: The number at the end of ‘C: Program Files (x86)Microsoft Office 16’ is the version of MS Outlook you are using. Hence you will need to replace the number if needed. 

After using the most appropriate solution see whether you have solved Outlook error 0x8004060c successfully for your Outlook account or not. For additional help, you can take the opinion of software experts. 

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