Get Comprehensive Guidance To Overcome Gmail SMTP Server Issue

If you want to use an email client like Outlook for sending emails from your Gmail account, then you have to enter the correct Gmail SMTP server. 

Some email clients do the task automatically, while some need to enter the info manually. 

So, if you’re among those users who do not know how to use the correct SMTP settings, then follow this article till the end. 

In this passage, we have come up with some easy and effective steps and by using those steps, you can easily make the SMTP server settings on your own. 

SMTP Server Setting for Gmail: Points you Should Keep in Mind

Before going to set up procedure we suggest you sign in to the SMTP control panel and turn on SSL on your account.

Also, make sure that you have entered the correct email address. If you have made any changes in the Settings section, then we suggest you note it down for future reference.

Now, let’s move to the setup process.

Gmail SMTP Server Settings: Steps that you need to follow

Now, have a look at the easy and effective steps in order to resolve your queries.

Step 1

As you are trying to set up an email client to synchronize with your Gmail account, you might need to give the Gmail SMTP information. Use the given points below.

  • SMTP username: Your Gmail address
  • SMTP password: Gmail Password
  • Server address:
  • SMTP port : 587
  • SMTP port (SSL): 465
  • TLS/SSL (SMTP) required: yes

Step 2

After you add your preferable account, the next thing that you have to do is to enter the username and password.

Now, the Gmail SMTP server should pop up on the screen. After that, you simply need to enter the info that you see on the screen.

Step 3

If you are unable to see them, then what you need to do is to open the Account Settings and do some research work. 

You might find the SMTP servers in a different place depending on the email service that you are using. Well, it is not a difficult task, you can easily find these SMTP servers.

Step 4

One thing that you should keep in mind is that Gmail SMTP has a sending limit. You can send a maximum of 500 emails per day.  

We believe that 500 emails are probably more than enough than the average users and in this way, you can complete the Gmail SMTP server procedure.

Bottom Line

We believe that by using the above four steps, you can easily complete the setup procedure. 

However, to apply these steps, you need a little bit of technical knowledge and if you do not have that, then we strongly advise you not to take any risks.

Just be on the safe side and consult with a professional to complete the setup process as early as possible.

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