Effective Troubleshooting Methods To Fix Outlook Error 0X8004010F

The Outlook error 0X8004010F is fairly common with the users of Outlook 2010. Basically, it means you have a damaged Outlook profile.

Commonly, it appears due to the corrupted .pst files. Outlook throws this error message while receiving or sending email from your account. 

Therefore, you need to resolve it whenever you confront the error code 0X8004010F. 

That is why we have discussed here some important techniques to resolve the issue. Hence, go through the following section and apply them accordingly.

Fix Outlook Error 0X8004010F “Sending Reported”: Follow these Steps to Overcome this Issue

The Outlook error 0X8004010F occurs if your profile was constructed incorrectly. Sometimes, the virus also damages your Outlook files if it is running on your system.

So, if you are receiving the following types of error message on your Outlook account, then you have reached the right place.

Here, we have discussed some effective troubleshooting methods in order to eliminate the error code. The methods are simple, easy and hassle-free.

Fix 1: Change the Folder in Outlook

With the help of this method, you can easily eradicate the error code 0X8004010F and then you can easily send or receive email through your Outlook account.

Step 1

At first, launch the Outlook on your device and then move to the File tab. Now, click on the Account Settings.

Step 2

After that, you need to choose the account you are having issues with and then select the Change Folder which is situated at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3

Thereafter, choose the Personal folder or inbox and click on it. After doing this, try to send an email through your account and check whether you are able to send it or not.

Fix 2: Create a New Profile and Re-Add Outlook

For some reasons, if the above method does not work, then you need to add a new account in a new profile on the Outlook program.

To add a new profile, go through the following steps mentioned in the section below.

Step 1

At first, press the Start button and then move to the Control Panel section. There you need to choose Mail (32) bit option. If you are unable to recognize the option, simply type “mail” in the search bar and hit the Enter button.

Step 2

The Mail pane is opened now and then choose the Show Profile option. After that, click on the Add and then give a new name to your new profile. Click on OK to save it.

Step 3

Then you need to enter the email address and password in the corresponding field so that you can form the new account. You will find the new profile under the “Always use this profile” section. To confirm it, click the OK button.

Step 4

You need to configure the new profile properly. In most of the cases, Outlook picks up the settings automatically.

After adding the new profile, check whether it working properly or not.

Fix 3: Turn Off the Antivirus Software

Most of the time, the antivirus software can hamper Outlook’s incoming and outgoing emails.  As a result, the Outlook sending error 0X8004010F appears on the system screen.

Therefore, disabling antivirus software is the best solution in order to fix the issue. To proceed further, follow the below-mentioned steps as described in the following section:

Step 1

At first, open the Task Manager window and then select the Task Manager’s Start-up tab to turn off the Anti-virus software temporarily.

Step 2

Thereafter, choose the Antivirus Utility and press the Disable option. You can also decide the duration that you want the antivirus to be disabled for.

Hope, after disabling the antivirus, the Outlook error will be gone permanently.

Fix 4: Run the Outlook Application in Safe Mode

If the aforementioned methods are failed to eliminate the error code, then you need to open the Outlook in the Safe Mode.

The Safe Mode will launch the Outlook profile without any add-ins. For this, there will no chance to conflict with any other application.

Hence, to open it up in the Safe Mode, go through the steps cited hereunder.

Step 1

At first, power off your system. Wait for a while. After that, press the Power button to turn on the device. At that time, press the ESC button.

Step 2

Now, you will find a list of option appears on your screen. Select the Safe Mode option from there. In that way, open your system in Safe Mode.

Step 3

When the system reopens, try to sign in your account by providing the email address and password respectively.

Now, the Outlook will work properly and you can able to send or receive email without any error message.

Bottom Line

These are a few steps that you can follow in order to solve Outlook error 0X8004010F and you now can access your account without any error code.

However, these methods require some technical knowledge to be feasible. Read them carefully and apply them accordingly to get rid of this situation.

If you have any doubts in your minds, clearly ask them by commenting in the comment box provided in the section below. Our expert teams will get back to you as early as possible.

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