Outlook Error 0x80042109 – Smart Solutions for this Right Here

A lot of users of Microsoft Outlook have reported about the Outlook error 0x80042109. And if this is the issue that you are facing as of now. 

Then you have our assurance that there is nothing that you have to worry about. As the Outlook Send Receive error 0x80042109 is on that you will be able to fix up all by yourself. 

But for that you are going to need fully comprehensive technical instructions that is going to guide you along the way. 

In this article, we have put together all the solutions that will help you resolve this issue in no time. Along with that we have covered a lot of necessary details to help you further, more on that later. 

Now, Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email communication systems with a whole host of important features. This will cater to all of the emailing needs that you can possibly have. 

But still from time to time, you are going to face error code issues. This can get in the way of proper functioning and you will need to fix that immediately. 

So let us look into all of that further. 

Possible Causes of the Outlook Error 0x80042109 

Before we go ahead and take a look at all the solutions to help you fix this problem. It is very important to discuss the possible issues that might be causing this problem. 

After going through all of that and gaining a complete understanding of what the error is. And why it is occurring in your computer system, you are going to get two specific benefits right away. 

The first among the two is that with a good understanding of the Outlook error 0x80042109. You will be able to avoid a lot of other technical glitches that you might have caused. Something which can make the situation a lot worse than it is. 

Then the other one is that, if you go through this information. It is going to be rather easy for you to understand all the technicalities that the solution has in it. 

As you will get to see when you get to the solutions section, that these methods are really technical. And can be rather difficult for a person to understand and implement, if he or she is not particularly tech-savvy. 

So as far as the causes of this problem goes, the first one among them is account settings issues. If there be some kind of misconfiguration in the Microsoft account that you use, then that can be really problematic. 

Then after that, the other issue behind this error can be that of corrupt system files. That usually comes from the virus attacks that creates the different corrupt system files. 

Specifically, it is going to be the PST files in the system. Which if get corrupt then can cause a lot of problems in your system. And this has to do with corrupt emails as well which can contain virus programs. 

So these are the main reasons. 

How to Fix the Outlook Error 0x80042109 Issue in a Stepwise Manner 

Now in this section of the article, we are going to lay out all the solutions that there are to this problem. 

If you have identified what is exactly causing this issue for you. Then it is going to be really advantageous for you. Because we have covered all the solutions to this issue, you are going to find it right here. 

Still, if you do not have that information then what you can do is apply the solutions one after another. That is going to resolve the issue for you right away. 

Alter the Outgoing Port of Your Windows Computer System 

In general, if you check out the value of the SMTP, or the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol of your system. Then you are going to find it to be 25 for the most part, barring few exceptions here and there. 

But, it can be the case that the internet service provider you have is causing a block in this protocol. For that, you can change that value of it from 25 to 26. And then turn to the TLS port and set it at 587. 

Yet there is no guarantee that it is going to work and in that case. You will have to alter the outgoing port. 

  • First, open up the Microsoft Outlook program from your computer. 
  • Once you are in the home window of Microsoft Outlook on your system. Look for the Tools option over there. Once you find it, click on it to open up that section of Outlook. 
  • Now in the Tools section, look for the email address that is causing you problems. Double-click on it as you find it and that will open up a list of options. 
  • In that list of options, look for the More Settings and click on it once you find it. 
  • After this, go to the Advanced section in this window and check out the options that are there. 
  • Here, you will be able to alter the Outgoing server SMTP port setting to 587 and choose the TLS encryption. 
  • Click on the Apply button to conform all the settings that you have made. 

This is going to help you solve the problem but if it does not, then go to the next step on this list. 

Diagnose the Internet Connectivity of your Computer System 

Many a times it is the case that, the internet signal that you have is poor. And causing problems as such getting in the way of the functioning of your system. 

This can cause a lot of problems in the case of Microsoft Outlook and can cause the Outlook error 0x80042109

In that case, you must immediately diagnose the issue and fix whatever is faulty. Some of the things that you can try are. 

  • Start using wired connection to make the signal more secure. 
  • Restart your computer to reverse any minor technical glitch that might be there. 
  • Deactivate the Proxy server and the VPN for the time being. 
  • Use the Windows Troubleshooter to identify and fix the exact issue. 
  • Start your modem and your router after you have closed them once. 

And with these measures, you will be able to fix the problem in this manner. And thus, you will be able to make use of Microsoft Outlook all over again. 

Set the Firewall Configurations Properly 

Another very pertinent issue when it comes to this particular error code issue with Outlook is the firewall. 

If the settings of the firewall are not in the right place. Then that can cause a whole host of issues, including this one right here. So, the best course of action in this situation is to reconfigure the firewall settings. 

Here are all the steps that is going to help you reconfigure the firewall settings. 

  • On the home screen of your PC, go to the main search section. And in that search panel type in Firewall
  • That is going to display a list of options where you will have to look for the Windows Firewall option. Once you find it, click on it to open it up. 
  • In that window, look for the Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall on the left hand side. 
  • Now look for the Change Settings option and once you find it, click on it to start changing the settings. 
  • You will now have to browse for 2 processes, one is the Outlook.exe which is for Microsoft Outlook. The other one is going to be Msimn.exe for the Outlook Express program. 

So, after you have made all the said changes from here. You are good to go ahead and restart your computer. 

That is going to save, and then apply all the settings from here. 

Add your Outlook Account after removing it Once 

If there be some issue with your Outlook account that you are not being able to identify up front. 

Then the best thing you can do to resolve this issue is to remove your account from Microsoft Outlook in your system. 

And after waiting for some time, add it to the list all over again to solve the problem that you are facing. 

To remove the account, here are the steps that you need to take. 

  • Open up the Settings section of your Outlook and then go to the Apps section. 
  • Once you are in there, click on the Outlook option and then open up the Advanced  tab under that. 
  • In the Advanced options section, look for the Reset button which is going to help you delete the account from there. 

Thus you will be able to remove the account from the list of accounts in your system. And to add it back again you can run the same process, just choose the option to add new account. 


Thus we have covered all the solutions that you are going to need to fix the Outlook error 0x80042109 issue. 

In case none of these solutions work, then the issue is most likely out of the scope of these solutions. 

You will have to avail the services of a tech support organisation. Where experts will solve this issue for you in no time whatsoever. 

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