How To Fix ‘550 Permanent Failure For One Or More Recipients’

There are primarily two reasons due to which you can see the “550 permanent failure for one or more recipients” message. One, if there is something wrong on the receiving end. The second reason is if there is a problem while you are trying to send an email.

Once this issue occurs, you are unable to send or receive any email. There are few other error messages associated with the error code, such as,

  1. 550 User unknown
  2. 550 5.1.1 Is not a valid mailbox.
  3. 550 invalid recipients.

Now, take a look at the rest of the guide. Here, you will get to know about each and every information that can help you to resolve such an error.

Causes and Solutions for “550 Permanent Failure for One or More Recipients” Error

The error can also occur in the form of ‘550 permanent failure’. Now, as said earlier due to the glitch associated with the receiver’s end or sender’s end, you may encounter this error code. 

Problems with the Receiving End

At first, you need to check if there is an issue on the receiving end and if yes, then here’s how to fix them.

  • Recipient Server Error

If there is a problem with the recipient server, then by using a working email address, you should forward the error message to the recipient. So, he or she can forward the error to the person who in charge of the email server’s configuration.

  • Email address does not exist

In most cases, if you send the email to the wrong address, you might need to deal with this email error 550. Typing mistakes can cause this kind of error. Also, if you send the email to a non-existing address, an error message ‘550 5.1.1: Recipient address rejected’ appear on the display.

To overcome the situation, you have to verify the sending address and make sure that you have correctly typed the email address. Now, you can verify the email address in two ways, either by using the “My Settings” or you may use another verified email account.

Using the My Settings option:

In, My Settings, first, move to the upper right corner and choose the name. Afterward, click on the My Settings option. Next, tap on the Verify Address option. Now, within the Email Address go to the verifying section, enter each of the email addresses and press the Enter key.

Furthermore, click on the Send Verification Email option. After submission of each email address, you will receive a ‘ Verify your email address’ email from the Constant Contact Team. Now, you have to open the email and tap on the Verify this email option.

If you wish, to see the verified email addresses you can go to the Verification Status section. 

Using the Email option:

Within an Email, first, proceed to the email draft and tap on the Continue option. Thereafter, move to the From Address or Send Me Early Results section. Afterward, tap on the ‘Add Another’ option. 

Within the given field, type the email address that you want to verify and tap on Verify. Then, the Constant Contact Team will send ‘ Verify your email address’ email. Open the email as well as click on the verify Email option.

Issues with the Sending End

Here are the common problems occur in the sending end.

  • IP Address is Blacklisted

If there is an issue with the email server configuration, ‘550#5.1.0 address rejected’ errors can occur. Also, if the mail server is blacklisted, the email will bounce. So, you need to make sure that the IP address is not blacklisted. 

For that, first, you have to understand why the IP address has been blacklisted. Most of the backlist databases provide the general listing reasons. Now, if you understand the reason, then its time to remove the IP address from the blacklist. 

Again proceed to the blacklist’s official website and follow the on-screen instructions. Also, scan your device for virus attacks. Check if an update is available or not. If yes, then update it to its latest version.

  • Mail Account is Hacked

In case, you notice there are emails that you did not send, then these are actually spam. There is a great chance that your account has been hacked.

In such a scenario, you should check if there are spamming scripts or not. If not, then you are strongly advised to change the password. 

Finally, exit from the page and reboot the system. Now, the error message will not appear any further.


* What is 550 Permanent Failure?

550 blocked error code is a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol error code. Moreover, whenever you see this error message it indicates that the sending email has been blocked by the recipient’s email hosting server.

* How to Fix SMTP Server Error?

To fix the SMTP server settings, open the email client account. Afterward, proceed to the Tools menu and tap on the Accounts option.

Next, choose your email account and furthermore tap on the Properties option. Next, click on the General tab option. Now, make sure that the E-mail address is valid for the account.

Tap on the Servers tab. Next, you have to verify the account name and password. Unselect the box beside the ‘log on using secure password authentication’ button. 

Next, mark or unmark the (as instructed by the service provider) ‘My Server requires authentication’ option. Now, proceed to the ‘Logon Info’ screen. 

Here, tick on the ‘Use same settings as my incoming mail server’ option. Also, you may select the ‘Log on using’ option. In addition, type the specified Account name and Password. Remove messages from the Outbox folder and try to send the emails again.

* How can you Stop Gmail from Blocking Mails?

In the beginning, go to the top-right corner of a message. Afterward, you need to tap on the drop-down menu button. Afterward, choose the Block option. Now, all the future messages from the blocked address will go to the Spam folder.

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