How To Retrieve Deleted Emails From Yahoo: A Complete Guide

If you lose any important email or accidentally delete any important email, the situation is very frustrating. Most of the users have reported that they do not find their important email on Yahoo mail and also do not know the recovery process for the deleted emails.  

If you are a Yahoo user and searching how to retrieve deleted emails from Yahoo, then do not worry. Read this article carefully. 

Here, in this guide, we are going to discuss some easy procedures to recover the deleted emails from Yahoo mail. So, read on and learn more 

How to Retrieve Deleted Emails from Yahoo: Three Processes

If you want to learn how to retrieve deleted emails from a Yahoo mail account, then go through the section below. 

Here, you will get to know three easy processes that you can use to recover the deleted emails from Yahoo. Go through the steps and apply them accordingly:

Process 1 – Check the Trash Folder

When you delete an email from the inbox on Yahoo, it will automatically go to the Trash folder. So you need to check if those emails are in the Trash folder or not. Follow these steps:

Step 1 

At first, you should go to the Yahoo login page. When the login page opens, put the User Name and Password and then click on the Login button to open your account. 

Step 2 

When the Yahoo mail window opens, go to the “Trash” folder at the left side of the screen, and then check to see if the important deleted emails are there or not. 

Step 3 

If yes, then you need to open the message and click on the Move button in the Yahoo mail toolbar. After that, choose the Inbox option or another existing folder that you want to store this email in. 

Proces 2 – Use the Search Option 

If the deleted email is not in the trash folder then you need to search for it. Sometimes, if you send your important email to anyone, then you will get the deleted email. Go through these steps:

Step 1 

First of all, you need to go to the Yahoo login page and enter the Username and Password to open the account.

Step 2

In the Yahoo account, go to the Search box and type the email address of the sender or type keywords related to the deleted emails and then click on the Search icon to find the email. 

Process 3 – Use the Yahoo Mail Restore Feature

If the above-mentioned processes did not work in retrieving the deleted messages, then you can try the Yahoo mail restore feature to overcome this situation. The following steps will help you:

Step 1 

You need to open the Yahoo mail account by entering the Username and Password. In the Yahoo mail account window, go to the Menu section and then select the Help button. After that, click on the Help button again from the options that appear.

Step 2 

Next, you need to choose the ‘Emailing: The Basics option’ from the Help topics list. After that, select the Deleting and Removing Mails option and then select the Restore Lost and Deleted Emails button to retrieve the deleted emails.

Step 3 

When you recover the deleted emails, you need to follow the onscreen instructions which will appear on the screen. Fill up the required form and then select the Submit button. Now you will see the deleted email has been restored on your Yahoo mail. 


Now, you have an idea about how to retrieve deleted emails from Yahoo. You can apply these steps on your PC to recover the deleted emails. 

If you face any problem while trying these processes, then you need to seek help from a professional to retrieve the deleted Yahoo emails. 

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