How To Send A Fax Online Gmail | Step-By-Step Guide For Sending Fax using Gmail

A majority of Fax users nowadays consider various apps and email service providers to send faxes. Out of multiple options available in the market, Gmail services are gaining popularity quite fast. But, be aware of the instructions on how to send a Fax online Gmail first.

Hence, keep reading this article to understand the stepwise method to send your Faxes on the Gmail platform. Once, you know the correct process for sending/receiving Fax over Google Mail, you can exchange valuable documents easily. 

Here, you can also learn how to make use of Google Chrome extension before sending your Fax. 

Things You Need to Know Regarding How to Send a Fax Online Gmail:

In order to ensure that your Fax reaches on time via Gmail web services, you have to follow the accurate instructions. 

This is why it’s important to know the steps that are necessary to send Fax on Google. So, let’s discuss the step-by-step process for doing this.

Choose Online Fax Provider

Before you proceed with the steps to send Fax on Gmail, decide on a fax service provider. Since Gmail lacks this faxing feature exclusively built-in, you should pick up an online Faxing provider. 

The main criteria to decide this is by comparing the technical specifications of the Fax machine. Also, take into consideration if your Fax is making use of any Business VoIP providing services. 

To gain clarity about the type of Fax service to connect to Gmail, you must consult an expert for in-depth analysis. Also, try to consider a provider, who can send faxes over Google Chrome and Google Docs add-ons. 

Create a New Email

Once you have chosen your Fax provider for Gmail, it’s time to compose a new email. So, hit the ‘Compose’ button and wait for the popup on your Google Mail’s screen. 

Next, you need to provide the recipient information where you intend to send the Fax over Gmail. So, type the accurate email address in the box beside ‘To’ and make it contains the Fax provider’s name. 

Also, it’s important to mention the number of Fax in the email for sending to the correct user. 

You can also write a catchy statement to provide in the ‘Subject’ section for the Fax. Now, go through your document that you want to transmit over the Fax. So, users can pick .pdf, .xls, .txt, .doc, .jpg or text format from other popular resources for attaching to the email. 

Hence, you can select your document and click on the icon of attachment (paperclip). Otherwise, you need to hit the tab of ‘Google Drive’ next to the attachment symbol for finding the document before Faxing. 

If you want, you can also include a cover letter in the email to explain the content beforehand. Now, you can check the entire format of the email attached on Gmail before pressing the ‘Send’ button. 

Use a Gmail Chrome Extension for Fax

Your first task is to pick a Google Chrome extension or app, which can be used for integrating with the online fax provider. For this, you also need to ensure that your system is using a full-version Google Chrome. If it’s missing, download the installer from the Internet or ask a technician to provide the same.

So, after deciding the extension page for sending the Fax, click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button. You may find this feature in some other format, which can vary from extension to extension. 

If you see a message prompt on your display to confirm the adding up of Chrome extension, click on ‘Yes’ or the agree button. Users can remove this extension whenever they want or when they find a better extension to send Fax online Gmail.

After integrating the Google Chrome extension, browse the documents for adding to the Fax. So, locate the tab for ‘Click here to select the document’, which can differ on the basis of the selection.

Once, you have completed the document selection process, hit the ‘Continue’ button and wait for the next window. It will now display the box, where you have to enter your Fax machine’s number. 

Now, you will have the option to select ‘Sign in with Google’ from the list of options. Hence, click on this tab in order to continue sending the Fax on Gmail. Hence, provide the details on the account, which is associated with your Fax and Google accounts. 

Sometimes, users may come across applications or Fax providers that offer token for sending Faxes over Gmail. So, you can select a suitable package based on your budget towards sending the Fax.

 If you are not willing to invest any money, you can consult a professional to know how to send a Fax online Gmail. They can assist you in selecting the best tools, apps or packages for sending Faxes over Google or other email providing services. 

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