Troubleshoot Outlook Synchronization Error With Quick And Easy-to-Apply Solutions

Synchronization is an in-built method in Microsoft Outlook that occurs automatically whenever the PST files or OST file gets updated.

However, lots of Outlook users have reported that they experience Outlook synchronization error. 

Once this issue occurs, then you are unable to send emails to anyone. Fortunately, you can easily troubleshoot this error with some easy hacks. 

So, if you encounter this error and want to troubleshoot it instantly, then you have arrived at the right page.

Go through the remaining part carefully and apply the undermentioned solutions to resolve the problem at the earliest. 

Probable Solutions you must Try to Fix Outlook 365 Sync Issues:

Before you move to the troubleshooting part, just make sure that you use the latest operating system, as well as that your Outlook application is updated.

Now, have a look at the solutions given below.

Solution 1- Check the Connectivity of the Email Server

If you are experiencing Outlook synchronization error while sending or receiving emails, then just ensure that you can access your email account. Now, take a look at the undermentioned steps.

Step 1- Make Sure that your Device is connected with the Internet

For sending or receiving emails, you will need internet access. So, the first thing that you need to make sure that your system is connected with the internet connection.

Step 2- Try to Send Email through the Web

Some Outlook 365 users have reported that they face the same synchronization issue. Thus, after they have tried to send an email via the web browser, they can easily fix this issue.

So, you must try out this solution. In order to apply this solution, at first, log in to your account through the website and ensure that you can send and receive emails there. 

However, if you can not, then there might be a problem with the email server. In such a condition, we suggest you contact your service provider immediately.

Step 3- Try to Send Email from Another Application or Device

In case, you have another email application or another Android device, then we advise you try to send email through that Android application. 

However, if you are still unable to do that, then there must be a problem with the email server. 

Step 4- Check the Status of the Email Server

In case, your email service provider does not have a website and you are unable to set up the email on other application or devices, then we suggest you contact your service provider to check if the email server is accessible or not.

Solution 2- Check the Security Software

Sometimes, the inbuilt Windows Firewall software and other third-party software might restrict you from syncing the email. 

At such a condition, we suggest you to temporarily disable your security software. Then check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

However, if you fail to fix the problem this time as well, then try out the next solution discussed hereunder. 

Solution 3- Disable Windows Defender Security Software

Windows Defender is in-built free security software. In case, you have not installed any other third-party software, then we suggest you temporarily disable the Windows Firewall software.

Here is how to perform this solution on your system.

  1. At first, navigate to the Start menu and open the Windows Defender Security Center.

  1. Next, you have to tap on the Firewall and Network Protection.

  1. Now, select a Network Profile and switch off Windows Defender for that profile. Repeat this for each profile.

  1. Now, if you sync your email, then you need to allow the Mail and Calendar apps through the firewall.

Allow Mail and Calendar Apps Via Windows Firewall

In case, you sync the email when the Windows Firewall is turned off, then you have to Allow Mail and Calendar Apps via Windows Firewall. 

Well, this is not a challenging task, here are the steps that you should follow.

Step 1

At first, click on the Start menu and after that, navigate to the Windows Defender Security Center.

Step 2

After that, a new window will pop up on the display. From there, you should scroll down and click on the Firewall and Network Protection option.

Step 3

Then, you should click on the Allow an app through Firewall option and after that, tap on the Change settings option.

Step 4

Next, mark the dialog box beside the Mail and Calendar, and check the dialog box next to Private and Public columns.

Finally, click on the Ok button.

Then, again reboot your system and try to open the Outlook account without this Outlook synchronization error.

Solution 4- Delete your Outlook Account and Add it Again

Sometimes, you might fix the problem simply by removing your Outlook account from the Mail and Calendar apps and adding it again. 

For that, first of all, you need to navigate to the Start menu and open mail. 

Now, a new page will appear on the screen. From there, navigate to the bottom right corner and select the Settings option.

After that, choose the Manage Accounts option.  Then, tap on the account that you want to remove and after that, click on the Delete account from this device option.

Then, you have to add your Outlook account again. To do so, here are the steps that you need to follow.

Step 1

At first, you have to open your Gmail account. At the top right corner, you can find the Settings option and you should click on it.

Step 2

Now, tap on the Accounts and Import tab. Then, move to the Check mail from other accounts (using POP3) section and click on the Add a POP3 mail account you own option.

Step 3

Next, enter the domain email address and after that, click on the Next Step. 

Step 4

Then, you have to enter your Accounts username. The username is generally the full email address. Next, enter the username password.

Step 5

After that, enter your account’s POP server information. Ensure that you have entered the correct mail server name as well as the corresponding port number.

Step 6

If everything is ok, then click on the Apply button.

Now, your Outlook account has been successfully created. Then again reboot your machine and now we believe you will surely get rid of the trouble.

Time to Wrap Up

Outlook synchronization error is quite common and you might encounter this error at any point. We hope that with the help of the above solutions, you can easily troubleshoot this issue. 

But what happens if you experience this error from an unexpected corner. Well, at .this situation, we suggest you consult with a professional and permanently eliminate this issue.

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