Yahoo Mail Certificate Error| Resolve Security Certificate Issues On Yahoo Easily

When you work with Yahoo’s email service, don’t expect that the security certificate will never cause any error. Although, its there to safeguard your Yahoo account from online threats. But, you can come across Yahoo Mail certificate error quite often. 

According to some users, you can come across this error while accessing Yahoo on specific web browsers. Also, a majority of them are experiencing this certificate issue when they attempt to open Yahoo Mail on older Internet Explorer versions.

However, it’s quite difficult to point out the exact cause of security certificate error but, knowing them is better before fixing the issue. So, if you are observing this specific error message while visiting Yahoo websites or email account, keep reading this article.

Here, you can learn the troubleshooting steps that can help to resolve the problems with Yahoo’s security certificate. In this article, you will also get to know about the underlying causes that can lead to corrupted or expired security certificate in Yahoo. 

Points to Consider While Dealing with Yahoo Mail Certificate Error 

There are many reasons due to which users can come across Yahoo Mail certificate error during website access. However, it is a good thing that experts have come up with some effective methods to deal with this security certificate error. 

But, in order to understand the solutions for resolving this Yahoo Mail problem, you should be aware of the reasons first. So, let’s check out some common issues, which can result in notifications regarding invalid certificate on Yahoo pages. 

What can Cause the Problem of Security Certificate Error Yahoo Mail?

The following points can help you to become familiar with the reasons behind encountering a certificate error in Yahoo Mail. 

For some reason, if the time and date on your system has changed from the actual time zone, it can affect the security certificates. This can be one of the foremost reasons when you see invalid certificate error while visiting Yahoo pages. 

Moreover, if you are attempting to open your Yahoo Mail account on an outdated or corrupted web browser, it can produce this error. As per many users, they are noticing this problem on the older version of IE (Internet Explorer).

Sometimes, the owner of the website changes the content on their pages to keep it up to date. So, if the security certificate has also been modified, you can experience the error while accessing it. 

If you observe the validity of any security certificate on Yahoo or any other website, you will note its specific expiry date. Hence, if you are trying to open a Yahoo page with an expired certificate, you can see that the error is appearing on the screen.

How to Troubleshoot Invalid/Incorrect Certificate Error on Yahoo Website?

If you can’t tolerate this annoying issue of security certificate error Yahoo Mail, try the following methods to fix it. Otherwise, you can get in touch with a Yahoo technician and ask how to troubleshoot the security certificate error. 

Method 1- Make Adjustment in Yahoo Calendar 

As covered in the list of causes, the message about invalid certificates can appear when the timezone is incorrectly set. Hence, you can attempt to resolve this error by checking the selected time and date format on the Yahoo account.

To apply this fix, make sure that the system’s clock is in sync with the Yahoo Calendar. Hence, launch your Yahoo Mail account by entering the correct username and password. 

Then, locate the Calendar icon on your email page or find the symbol of Settings on the top-right corner. After that, choose the tab for ‘Calendar Options’ and check whether the time zone selected for Yahoo is proper. 

If not, then use the drop-down menu below the Time Zone and set the actual time zone of your geographic location. After making the changes, hit the ‘Save’ button and return to the option of ‘Back to Calendar’. 

In case, the certificate error persists, move to the next solution to resolve it on Yahoo Mail. 

Method 2- Avoid Preserving Favorite Website Data

If you are logged into your Yahoo Mail account when the certificate error appears, sign out and exit the window. Then, check whether your browser is up to date and relaunch Yahoo after updating it. 

In case, you are seeing this error on Internet Explorer, erase the favorite websites from the list. So, open the web browser and click on the tab of ‘Tools’. Now, hit the ‘Internet Options’ and go to the tab of ‘General’. 

After that, select the option of ‘Browsing History’ to view the list of websites or pages stored on Internet Explorer. In order to ensure that the web browser is free from certificate problems, try to erase the favorite websites. 

So, select the pages that you want to remove and click on the ‘Delete’ button. Also, make sure to remove the tick from the checkbox beside ‘Preserve Favorites Website Data’. Next, you have to locate the temporary Internet files and delete from the Internet Explorer. 

Method 3-  Turn Off Warning for Certificate Address Mismatch

Sometimes, there can be issues with the validation of the certificates due to security reasons. This can mainly happen when you are trying to access your Yahoo Mail on an older OS version. 

So, during visiting specific websites, you can come across the notification on ‘This site is not secure’. Hence, if you can’t validate the website’s security certificate due to DLG_FLAGS_SEC_CERT_CN_INVALID, try to fix the address mismatch problem. 

To apply this method, open the web browser window and open the ‘Tools’ section. Then click on the tab of ‘Advanced’ and view the Security section. Here, you will notice the checkbox for ‘Warn about the certificate address mismatch’. 

Therefore, make sure to untick the box and reboot your PC after exiting all the windows, including Yahoo Mail. Hopefully, you won’t come across the problem of security certificate error after applying these steps. 

Method 4- Turn Off Revocation Settings on Internet Explorer

This solution is mainly applicable to those Yahoo Mail users who are getting certificate issues on Internet Explorer. So, launch a web browser on your system and click on the icon of ‘Tools’. 

Now, open the ‘Internet Options window and select the ‘Advanced’ section. Then, locate the section of ‘Security’ and find the checkbox for ‘Check for publisher’s certificate revocation’. 

You also need to navigate to the ‘Check for server certificate revocation’ along with the previous security option. So, ensure that both these checkboxes are unticked and register the changes by clicking the ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ buttons. 

Finally, exit all the active pages and windows on your computer and try to relaunch the Internet Explorer. If you are still observing the error regarding invalid certificate on the Yahoo website, move to the remaining fixes.

Method 5- Enable ActiveX Controls and Plugins

In case, you are using the latest version of Yahoo Mail, enabling the ActiveX controls can fix security certificate error. When you turn on this feature, you will be able to explore most of the features of yahoo’s email service. 

Hence, if you want to test this solution, click on the Gear icon or ‘Tools’ section after launching the web browser. Then, select the ‘Security’ option after selecting ‘Internet Options’. 

Next, navigate to the section of ‘Internet’ and go to the tab for ‘Custom Level’. Now, you need to scroll the page and enable the option of ‘Script ActiveX Controls Marked Safe for Scripting’. 

Also, locate the option of ‘Run ActiveX Controls and Plugins’ and make sure you enable it and save the settings. So, reboot your web browser and try to sign in to your Yahoo Mail account. 

If the problem persists, you will come across the same issue of Yahoo Mail certificate error. So, if you are not a tech-savvy person, it’s pointless to invest your time on applying the solutions discussed here. Since, the instructions to fix this security certificate problem can vary if the browser isn’t Internet Explorer.

Hence, you can consult a Yahoo technician and discuss how to resolve certificate issues on the website. If you are experiencing this problem in browsers other than IE, you can still ask for the technical fixes. 

In case, you have some troubleshooting tricks to get rid of this certificate error message on Yahoo, share them in the comments section. 

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