Effective Methods To Solve Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 14

Yahoo Mail is a popular email service with exclusive features and thus it is being preferred for both personal as well as professional purpose. However, if you are facing the Yahoo mail temporary error 14, then this is the article which will help you to learn the solution regarding it.

The main reason concluded by the researcher for the error 14 on Yahoo Mail is the server related problems. Sometimes, a browser glitch is also responsible for the error. 

No matter, whatever be the reason you are getting this error, hopefully after trying the below solutions, you will get the error resolved.

How to Fix Temporary Error 14 in Yahoo Mail?

Though the Yahoo mail temporary error 14 problem gets resolved automatically after a few hours of waiting. But still, if you like to try some fixes for the error, then go for the solutions one-by-one as explained here.

Before proceeding with the advanced solutions for error 14, run a virus scan on your PC. Scanning your system with a strong antivirus software not only better your system performance but along with that, it resolves many of the common problems as well, including Yahoo mail error 14.

Run a Full Scan Using Windows Defender

Windows Defender, the default Security tool of Windows helps well to eradicate the presence of a virus on your computer. The steps to allow to run a Full scan on your computer are as follows:

First of all, tap the Windows button along with the letter I to open up the Settings window on the screen. Next, under the Settings window, click on the Update & Security option. After that, from the left-hand side of the Settings window, select Windows Security.

Further, from the right-hand side of the window, click on the Open Windows Defender Security Center button. After that, click on the Shield symbol from the window to open the Virus and threat protection section window.

Next, enable the checkbox for Full, and then click on the Full scan button and wait until the virus scan using the Windows Defender tool is completed. Once the virus scanning is done, now check if the issue gets resolved or not.

If you are lucky, then only scanning your computer will resolve the error.

Solution 1: Sign Out and Sign Back In into your Yahoo Mail Account

After a virus scan, if the error 14 still exists on your Yahoo Mail window, while performing a task, then you need to Sign Out from your user account at first. 

And then remove the Browser’s Cache files. Next, Sign back In into your Yahoo Mail account. 

Hopefully, this method will get you the problem resolved. To perform this whole task, follow the steps cited below:

Step 1: Sign Out from your Yahoo Account

The steps to Sign out from your Yahoo account are as follows:

At first, take the mouse pointer at the top right-hand side corner of your Yahoo account window. From here, click on your profile name, at first. Then from your account window, click on the “Sign out” button. 

That’s all you need to perform to sign out from your Yahoo account. Now follow further steps to complete this method and to get rid of the Yahoo mail temporary error 14.

Step 2: Clear the Browser Cache Files

Cleaning the browser cache files is the second step to continue with this method. And the steps for doing it are as follows:

Launch the browser on your computer at first. After that, tap the Ctrl and the letter H key at a time to open the History section window on the browser screen. 

Next, from the History window, click on the Clear browsing data link. Now, under the Clear Browsing Data window, enable the following checkboxes:

  • Browsing history
  • Download history
  • Cookies and other site data
  • Cached images and files

At last, click on the Clear data button. This will take a few seconds to remove the browsing history on your computer. Now, continue with Step 3.

Step 3: Restart your Browser

Now, click on the top right-hand side red cross button that is the Close button to close the browser window. Next, right-click on an empty space of the Windows home screen. After that, select the Refresh option from the menu window. 

Next, tap down the F5 key of your keyboard for 5 times to refresh your Windows successfully.

Further, open the browser window by clicking on the browser icon from the Windows home window.

Step 4: Log In Back to your Yahoo Account

After opening your browser, utilize the Address bar to navigate to the Yahoo login page. Here, you need to fill up the Username and the Password field with the correct details. 

Further, click on the Sign In button to complete this method. Hopefully, now you will not get the error back.

Solution 2: Update the Browser

After following the whole tasks as above, if the error still exists, then as a last try you need to update your browser. 

Many a time, a browser defect is a reason behind the Yahoo mail temporary error 14. This can be solved automatically by updating the browser.

The steps to update a commonly used browser are as follows:

  1. At first, launch the browser.
  2. After that, click on the three-doted icon that is present at the top right-hand side of the browser window.
  3. Next, from the Menu window, select Help, and then About browser.

After doing these whole steps if an update is available for the browser, it will get installed automatically. Now, reuse your Yahoo Mail to check if the issue gets resolved or not.

All these are the complete solutions for resolving the Yahoo mail temporary error 14. The best and hassle-free option to solve the error is taking help from an expert.

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