Eliminate Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 15 With Proven Techniques

Though Yahoo mail consists of multiple advanced features that it boasts of, but at the same time it also has some drawbacks that annoy the users some time. Yahoo mail temporary error 15 is fairly common for the Yahoo users.

This particular error code appears while the system file conflicts with your Operating System. This email not only restricts you from using the Yahoo app but also slackens down the application and the files related to it.

When you run a number of programs at a time, this error code may arise on the display of the device and an error message constantly showing up on the screen. Also, your device might face an unexpected freezing problem.

If the registry files are corrupted, then there is also a chance of encountering the same error code with your Yahoo account. Moreover, if your Yahoo mail is not up-to-date, then this can be equally responsible for getting the same.

Due to virus or malware attack, your Yahoo mail may stop working and error code 15 popup on the screen. Apart from that, useless program installation, fragmented files, startup clutter, RAM decline are some factors as well.

Here we have discussed the reasons that are responsible for this error code. Now, its time to explain the methods following which you can troubleshoot this issue on your own. So, follow the respective solutions that are stated below.

Know How to Fix Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 15 with Excellent Solutions:

Here, in this section of the article, you will find the most efficacious methods that can help you to solve Yahoo mail temporary error 15. But be cautious not to skip any step or make any mistake while implementing the methods.

Solution 1: Sign Out of Yahoo Mail

This is a basic method by which the Yahoo mail temporary error 15 might get fixed. This process will help you to sign out from your Yahoo account easily. So let’s start.

The very first thing you have to do is to open the Yahoo mail application by tapping on it. After that, tap on the profile picture that is located at the top-right corner of your desktop. Now, look at the bottom of the page and choose the Sign Out icon.

After a few moments, sign in your account by giving proper credentials in the proper field and check if the error code is still showing up or not.

Solution 2: Update Yahoo Mail Application

Due to the outdated Yahoo mail app, the users might confront the temporary error 15. It has been proved that by updating the application, you can fix this issue without any hassle.

So, try to update your Yahoo mail by following these procedures. But remember that, these methods are applicable for Android phone users only.

First, navigate to the Play Store and click on the Search bar. Now, type Yahoo in the Search bar and keep waiting until you see the results. Once you have found it, then you need to tap on that and then read the instructions which will pop up on your display.

After that, hit on the Apply button. Be sure not to open another app while the updating process is going on. It may hamper the upgrading process as well.

Once done, reboot your device once more to examine if the same error code is appearing or not.

Solution 3: Try Another Device

The Yahoo mail temporary error 15 also occurs when the application is not compatible with your device. At such instances, you need to check the compatibility as well. 

Moreover, you can try another device and download the Yahoo application there.

Then, log in with correct credentials and check if the issue persists on the new device or not. If not, then there must be anything wrong with your previous device.

But in case, if the same problem prevails, then try the next alternative method to get rid of the code.

Solution 4: Remove the Cookies and Caches

If none of the above methods are helpful for you, then try to clear out the caches and cookies of the browser that you are using. To do the same, go through the methods stated in the next section.

  • First of all, launch the Chrome browser and tap on the three vertical dots from the top-right corner of the screen. It will display the Options list.
  • Then, find the History icon and hover the mouse pointer over it to highlight the sub-options list. 
  • Select the History option from that list to see a new page with the same name.
  • Now, you have to navigate to the top-left edge of the screen and click on the ‘three vertical lines’ to display the left panel.
  • Here, you need to select the Clear browsing data option. This will pop up a dialog box.
  • After that, select the Basic tab and then move to click on the Time range icon. Next, choose the “Cached images and files” option by clicking on it.
  • Also, tap on Clear data to remove all the previous history from the browser. This will delete all the data present in the cache memory.

This is quite a time-taking method so keep waiting while the process is going on.

At the final step, restart your device and the browser once more and check if you are still encountering the same or not. 

In this entire tutorial, we have covered up the problem causing factors and the solutions for Yahoo mail temporary error 15. Strive to follow the methods one-by-one carefully and perform it on your device.

We hope that these methods will be beneficial for you to get rid of the problem. But unfortunately, if the problem is still there, then seek expert help.

They will give you further suggestions regarding your doubts and will clarify it. But if the article is beneficial for you, then share your feedback with us at the comment section below.

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